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At FeasibilityPlus, we aim to shift from assumptions to facts by holistically conducting feasibility studies on every aspect of the idea you wish to implement. Every aspect of the business that an investor or banker may ask should be understood by the business owner and reflected in the business plan/DPR/Pitch Deck. These questions are important to business survival even if you're not seeking investment. 

A survey suggests that 95-97 per cent of new ventures and products fail. Therefore, we advise our clients to validate their idea before making them public or investing capital into them. We also consult our clients branding, marketing and recruitment process design, especially when it comes to using Psychometric Tests to find the best fit for your organization. 

We look forward to helping you achieve your dreams in the best possible way. 



Debashish, the founder of FeasibilityPlus, has been in the start-up ecosystem for some time. His experience and knowledge of the anatomy of start-ups and their supporting ecosystem added with his education in business, technology, economics, law, and psychology, is the backbone of processes followed at FeasibilityPlus.

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Doctor by choice and businesswoman by passion, Dr Niharika Rawal is our feasibility specialist for medicine and human health projects. 
Her experience in handling businesses, understanding of health care projects and eye for detail makes her the best person to be discussing validation and commercialization of medical ideas and processes. 

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Aryan Agarwal, a B.Com (Hons) graduate, boasts diversified experiences in trading and manufacturing. At Feasibility Plus, he spearheads client relationships and sales, leveraging his extensive background to drive success. His dedication and strategic insights have consistently fostered growth and client trust.


CS Pradeep Chandra Joshi, a Company Secretary since 2018, founded P C Joshi and Associates, specializing in legal secretarial services. Guiding entrepreneurs and mastering various corporate laws, he champions the motto "Vasudhaiv Kutumbakam" and aspires to share his knowledge through teaching.


CA Ashish Khandelwal has deep love and respect for Entrepreneurs and Start-up enthusiasts. He brings on table financial expertise with over 20+ years of financial advisory experience and great business network. 
At Feasibility Plus, everything finance related is overseen and administered by him. 


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